"Inaugural Event"

Bologna, Italy
The EuWin inaugural event will be held in Bologna, Italy, on July 8-10, 2013, at the premises of the School of Engineering - University of Bologna (address: viale Risorgmento 2).

It will include:

- an Exhibition on Monday 8 in the morning

- the Opening Ceremony on Monday 8 (11h00-13h00)

- an Emerging Topic Workshop on "Fundamental Research Through Experimentation" on Monday 8 (since 14h30) and Tuesday 9 (till 14h00)

- the Newcom# EuWIn meeting (open only to Newcom# researchers) on Tuesday 9 (since 14h00) and Wednesday 10 (till 16h00)

The organisation of the event is managed by EURACON. For more information, visit the EURACON website page www.euracon.org/euwininauguration2013.

Download the programme here.


This laboratory is supported by the European Commission in the framework of the FP7 Network of Excellence in Wireless COMmunications NEWCOM# (Grant agreement no. 318306).

7 Framework Programme

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